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Research-proven approach

Research-Proven Approach.

Our method is based on research that has shown that language acquisition only happens when the student receives comprehensible input — authentic uses of the language that they can understand.

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Comprehensible and authentic Spanish

Comprehensible and Authentic Language.

We are known for having the most comprehensible Spanish content on the internet. We have created content that can be understood by absolutely anyone without using contrived, inauthentic language.

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Spanish from all over the world

Spanish From All Over the World.

We have speakers from all across the Spanish-speaking world so no matter which dialect you want to learn, we've got you covered!

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Fun, everyday topics

Fun, Everyday Topics.

We love talking about all sorts of topics, from everyday subjects like food, travel, movies, and video games, to more serious ones like history, politics, culture, and philosophy.

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What our students have to say...

I truly believe if everyone knew about this method, there wouldn't be any monolingual people in the world.

Peter Henderson

I love hearing all the different Spanish and South American accents. I watch about half an hour a day and the time goes very quickly which means that all your content is interesting and entertaining.

Shaun Harper

I recently took a trip to Spain and was able to speak with confidence (having mostly just listened to things in Spanish / read books and articles in Spanish).


When nowhere else provided Spanish that I could understand (and boy did I search high and low), Dreaming Spanish provided real content in 100% Spanish that I could learn from.

Adrian Ellis

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