Our Content Creators

At Dreaming Spanish, our teachers don’t teach in the traditional way, giving grammar lessons and handing out vocabulary lists and whatnot. Instead, they tell you about their lives, their experiences, their opinions, and their culture – at every difficulty level so you that can be immersed in the language wherever you are in your Spanish learning journey. Get to meet them!

Pablo enjoys learning languages and loves helping others learn languages.

Alma loves singing and hanging out around the sea. Additionally, she thinks that cats are really cool.

Andrés loves science, fitness and laughing at everything, starting with himself.

Andrea loves acting, exercising, and generally just living a healthy lifestyle.

Michelle enjoys surfing, traveling, and learning about history and different cultures.

Ricardo loves sports, music and video games. He also really enjoys learning about science and history.

Montserrat loves gaming, music, nature and food, and is always sharing that passion with others with a big smile.

Clau loves running, learning languages, and is a major food enthusiast.

Sofía enjoys painting, competing in beauty contests, and hanging out with her 5 dogs.

Shelcin loves science, animals, and enjoys watching anime and learning new things.

Natalia enjoys traveling, acting, singing, and is a huge fan of flamenco.

Marce loves acting, stand-up comedy, and is a great teller of paranormal stories.

Agustina loves traveling and is an expert in all things related to planes, airports, and air travel.

Jostin loves dancing, K-pop, and is an expert in video editing and nutrition.